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Top Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean August 21, 2020

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Keeping our carpets clean is very important. However, while many of us feel we do this simply to keep them looking clean and smelling fresh, there are in fact more important reasons for cleaning our carpets – our health.

Carpets trap dirt, dust and moisture; making them the ideal breeding ground for mites and bacteria, as well as harmful and potentially deadly mould spores. If we don’t look after our carpets we may develop health problems. The main concern with such problems is that we often fail to find the link between our symptoms and the cause that’s right in our home. So what can we do to keep our carpets clean?

Vacuum regularly… it might seem obvious but many of us still don’t do this enough. For rooms that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the living room, every two days is sufficient; every day is better. For less trodden rooms like the bedroom, once or twice a week should suffice.


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