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Top Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean August 21, 2020

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Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Keeping our carpets clean is very important. However, while many of us feel we do this simply to keep them looking clean and smelling fresh, there are in fact more important reasons for cleaning our carpets – our health.

Carpets trap dirt, dust and moisture; making them the ideal breeding ground for mites and bacteria, as well as harmful and potentially deadly mould spores. If we don’t look after our carpets we may develop health problems. The main concern with such problems is that we often fail to find the link between our symptoms and the cause that’s right in our home. So what can we do to keep our carpets clean?

Vacuum regularly… it might seem obvious but many of us still don’t do this enough. For rooms that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the living room, every two days is sufficient; every day is better. For less trodden rooms like the bedroom, once or twice a week should suffice.

Vax Powermax Vacuum However, it’s also important to use a high quality vacuum. Cheap vacuums tend to have poor suction power and won’t remove dust and dirt as well as a pricier model. Vax Powermax, Henry, Beldray and Karcher are all recommended models if you want to ensure your vacuum removes as much dirt as possible.

Buy a welcome mat… prevention is always better than cure, and a welcome mat can cost as little as a few pounds; so there’s no excuse for not having one!

Don’t allow shoes in the house… this can be difficult if you’ve got children running around all the time, but if you can make it a force of habit for them to remove their shoes as they come in the door, your Vax Powermax or poor Henry will have much less dirt and grime to deal with.

Deal with spills quickly… The quicker you mop up a spillage, the less severe the stain will be. Even water should be soaked up right away to prevent it causing damp and mould.

Steam clean your carpets once a year… vacuuming is not enough in the long term. Dirt will still build up that you can’t see and cannot be removed by even a top of the range Karcher or Vax Powermax. You can buy or hire a steam cleaner and complete the cleaning yourself; however, it is recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaner. They can ensure that the process is completed properly, and that the carpet is dry before mould can begin forming.

Regularly move your furniture… many of us are guilty of not properly cleaning or vacuuming under furniture. An easy way to solve the problem is to move your furniture slightly each time you clean. This prevents dirt from building up in the places we don’t see, and also prevents furniture from damaging your carpet over time.

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