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Plushbeds Discounts for Mom’s Needing Design Inspiration April 16, 2020

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Mothers have the daunting task of deciding what should be in their child’s bedroom. Maybe it should be all in one theme like teddy bears or trucks. Some mothers want their children’s bedroom in one color so that it is easy to add decorations. These are all great ideas, but there are some things that mothers should consider before they decorate their child’s bedroom.

The Nursery


The first bedroom that the child will stay in is the nursery. This room can be changed as the child gets older, or it can begin as a theme that carries over into older childhood.

The easiest way to decorate a nursery is to use one color in the entire room, and then the mother can add wall decorations and other items that match the color. The room does not have to be in pink or blue, but any color that the mother likes. Beige is a good neutral color that can be used if the mother does not know if she is having a boy or girl. Green accent decorations and bedding can be used as a neutral color.

A popular design that many mothers are choosing today is a zebra print. Any color can be added to the print so that it coordinates with the gender of the baby. Hot pink and teal are two of the more popular colors with this design. Mothers can also decorate in one theme through the nursery. If the nursery is done in one theme, the furniture and bedding should remain the same through the entire room.

Toddler Rooms


As children get older, they begin to like certain toys and characters. This is when decorating the bedroom becomes fun. Mothers can let their child choose what they want in their bedroom, and then they can get the bedding and furniture in that design. Rule number one is comfort: here we are fully aware of PlushBeds that will be ideal with any design. Fire trucks and cars are popular with boys. A large rug in the shape of a truck or car can be added to the middle of the room. The rug can double as a play area for the boy who likes to play with his cars on the floor.

Mothers can purchase curtains and lamps in the same design of the bedding that they choose for their child. Girls who like dolls will benefit from a shelf being added to the wall. Dolls that are collected can be placed on the shelf so that they are not mixed in with the dolls that are played with. Decals that go on the wall are convenient for mothers who do not want to paint as the child gets older.

Older Children


One thing that makes decorating a bedroom special as children get older is that they can help in the task. They can help their mother choose what bedding they want, and they can choose what additions they want in their room. It makes the decision easier for the mother because all she has to do is put the bedding on the bed and decorate. A bedroom is not complete without a bed and a bed without a mattress. Mom’s prefer to buy Plushbeds made of organic materials for the comfortable sleep of their babies.

Another item that is a good choice for an older child’s bedroom is a desk. It gives the child an area where homework can be done as well as any other projects that he or she may have. An open space is easier to clean for older children instead of having toy boxes all over the room. The colors of the room usually vary with this age group, but they tend to last for years, instead of months, to come. Keep decorating simple and fun for the mother and the child.

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