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How to choose the right air compressor brand? May 26, 2017

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An air compressor is one most important tool for woodworking projects. The success of many carpentry and construction projects largely depends on the performance of a compressor. If you wish to take your woodworking tenure to a new level, you may want to find and pick the right quiet machine such as Craftsman air compressors, Makita, Porter Cable, Bostitch.

How to find the best brand

A compressor can be extremely versatile in any workshop. However, the use of compressor is mostly overlooked by many professionals. Some folks choose the very first brand they come across. This is unquestionably a wrong idea; the chosen compressor may or may not be a good fit for your job. It all depends on the type of woodworking projects you take on a regular basis. To make the job easy, you need to assess popular brands in view of your requirements as mentioned below.

Craftsman air compressor

Craftsman is a trusted brand offering a variety of air compressors for varied needs of different types of users. However, the professional 60-gallon compressor with 2.9 HP featuring a vertical tank and a twin oil-free pump is a popular choice for many.


All the models of Craftsman are highly durable and last longer. Within moments, you are ready to use your machine for your work. Also, it is pretty easy to transport the machine wherever you like.


Finding parts of this brand is really difficult as local stores hardly stock spare parts of the model. Also, most of the models of Craftsman come with a bigger price tag.

Porter Cable

This particular brand also offers a range of compressors, but its battery powered machine is a popular choice. Most of the models are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage.


The machines are highly durable to serve you for years. You don’t need to add oil for the efficient functioning of machines. Also, the accessory kit that comes with the machine has a pressure regulator, which is a big plus for working on intricate projects.


The only downside is the machine needs a break in procedure.


Makita is another big name in the compressor market; its MAC Bigbore 2 HP model is highly popular. The machines are meant to generate power and results, and this makes the compressors perfect for heavy duty work.


Makita’s compressors work quietly without creating any noise. All compressor models are reliable and durable to withstand the testing of time. The cast-iron design also enhances the life span of the compressor.


The models feature heavy design, which is not easy to fix (in the case of malfunctioning) by a regular serviceman. Also, the user manual is complicated and not really simple to understand.


Bostitch’s CAP1512 of 1.2 gallon, oil free model is highly popular among users who want a portable machine. The main strengths of Bostitch models are catchy designs and high performance for indoor and outdoor usage.


Compact design is the biggest plus of Bostitch models. Also, compressors come with impressive horsepower to carry out your work. Durability and long-term usage is another plus.


The main downside of Bostitch models is a lack of accessories. You have to buy certain accessories to run the machine.

Tips to pick the best brand of compressor

Now that you are familiar with various brands of compressors, it’s time to choose an ideal machine matching your specifics. If you are unsure how to go about selecting the right compressor, read below.

The size

Air compressor tanks come in varying sizes and configurations. While picking a compressor with a big tank is a great choice for your project, there are certain demerits of using a big tank. Portability is a big issue if you need a compressor to transport at various places. Similarly, a bigger tank takes up too much space in a workshop. You need to consider these vital points when checking compressors for your particular chores.


Assessing motor power expressed in horsepower (HP) is advisable to pick the best machine. The common power of a machine ranges between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. However, you should not get carried with the HP number alone when checking various brands of compressors. Instead, look for motor quality as well to ascertain the durability and power of the machine.


Cubic feet in one minute or CFM is the most important parameter that determines the powerfulness and efficiency of a compressor. The standard (S) CFM measures at 14.5 PISA at 20-degree centigrade with 0 percent relative humidity. If you add up all SCFM of air tool to use simultaneously, make sure to add 30% to your calculated SCFM number as safety when picking the unit.

If you consider all these parameters in view of your particular working requirements and check air compressors offered by Craftsman, Makita, Porter Cable and Bostitch, choosing the right machine will become a lot easier.

Bottom line

Generating best results in any woodworking project can take a toll on any professional. However, with the right compressor, it is easy to deliver quality outcomes for construction and carpentry projects. If you don’t know how to pick an ideal brand of compressor, stick to the above advice and you are on your way to generating intricate craftsmanship in your carpentry/construction work.

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